About the Author

Me blue eyes smallerHi! I’m Luca and I love writing strong female characters in exciting, plot-twisting romance novels. My stories are elegantly sensuous, inspired by coffee, chocolate, and sword-wielding heroes like the ones in my favorite books, movies, and TV series.

A Bohemian soul with roots in the Appalachian Mountains, a Filipino-American spouse, a transgender adult child, and a southern extended family, my life is seldom boring. I live in a time warp between state-of-the-art medical facilities and a creationist theme park. And I was born on a cusp! With this plethora of perceptions to draw from, I rarely experience writer’s block but if I do I simply whip out my tarot cards for inspiration.

I enjoy inventing worlds and populating them with a rich tapestry of colorful personalities designed to make you laugh, cry, gasp and cheer, with a sexy hero to entice you to fantasies all your own.