A trained assassin. A bride prize. Forbidden love!

bastard blade cover

Recently widowed after a two-year marriage to an elderly lord, 21-year-old Lady Sera finds herself in a desperate predicament. Her late husband’s conniving brother wants the castle and estate for himself. To expedite his claim, he offers Sera as the bride prize at an upcoming jousting tournament, and she’s powerless to oppose him. Or so she thinks.

The nameless bastard of a wealthy lord and a commoner, Aethan leads a restless life between two worlds. Far from his homeland, he pursues a killer, bound by a vow to avenge his mother’s murder. Sera is fascinated by the outsider and finds ways to get him alone, where Aethan introduces her to the sensual arts of love. Passion quickly turns to devotion, and he is forced to make a wrenching decision between a death-bed promise and hopeless love for a woman beyond his reach.

Author Luca Thrace never misses an episode of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow inspired her brooding hero, Aethan Taiga, who is an original product of Thrace’s fertile imagination. Thrace masterfully manipulates the plot that will keep you surprised and engaged. Enchanted stones, charmed amulets, and scented candles add to the ambience of this fantasy world involving a villainous lord, a fortune-telling bard, a free-spirited lady’s maid, and a beer-brewing Brother of Peace. If you enjoy delightful characters, clever dialogue, and tastefully-written pulse-spiking erotic encounters, you’ll love this story.

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Reviewers are saying…

“I love finding little gems like this by talented authors willing to mess with a reader’s  expectations. What makes this novel work is the believable reactions of the main characters and the power of their brains.”-History Repeats

“This book has everything – love, sex, murder, forgiveness, loyalty – it took me down a whole gamut of emotions and I went oh so willingly.” -Maplesyrup8

“You’ll admire the lead character and root for her immediately and throughout some surprising plot twists. The romantic elements are very sensual. Description is well done and tasteful, albeit passionate and erotic.  ….a page-turning fantasy with great description, crisp and meaningful dialogue.” -BookReader
Sera is the strong female protagonist that medieval romance badly needs.” -Nolan